How to do the single crochet stitch

this is one of the simplest crochet stitches, and I think that it is also a very popular and one of the most used stitches in the small crocheting world. I’ll stop my rambling and get on with it.

First, you start by holding your crochet hook and yarn like this:

Thanks to the Crochet Spot for the picture!

next, you put the yarn through the top loop of  the second chain from the hook:

Thanks to for the awesome picture!

next, you will want to grab the yarn with the hook, and pull it through the same loop again, like this:

then, you will have to loops on the body of the hook. you will then grab the yarn with the hook and, finally, pull it through both loops. you repeat those couple steps until you get to the end  of your chain. hope this helps! 🙂



How to do the Slip-stitch

This is another VERY vital stitch that you NEED to learn in crocheting, and that’s why this is one of my first posts, even thought it’s, like, the fifth one. you start like you did for the chain stitch, with your working yarn( your left side if you’re right-handed, on your right if your left handed, and your crochet hook in the leading hand(if you’re right handed, your right, etc…)

Then, you will want to slide the crochet hook into the next loop:

So now, you will have two loops on your hook. then, you will yarn over, and pull the yarn through ALL the loops, and the you will have your slip stitch! good luck!

How to do do Chain Stitch

So your learning how to crochet, and you’re like ‘what’s the first step?’ that’s what this post is about. you start, holding your crochet hook, if you are right handed, you hold it in your right, if your left handed in the left, and you have your working yarn(the yarn that’s connected to the ball of yarn) on the opposite side, like this:

then, you will put the yarn over the hook by bringing it around the hook, like this:

that is called ‘yarning over’, or ‘YO’. then, with the two loops on your hook, you will pull the second loop over the first, like this:

That is called the chain stitch. you keep doing that, yarning over and pulling it through, until it is the width that you want it to be. Good luck!

I am here tooooo…TEACH!!!

Hello! I am here to teach you, from wherever you are in the world, because I have been looking all over the internet to find a place like this, and I finally got the chance. to learn more, you can click the ‘about’ link, right above. Thanks, again, for everyone’s support!